Cleaned & ready to recycle...
Fish, Vegetable Boxes & common EPS waste

Satellite Pre-Cast Production - Recycling Unit

TV5 Studio Manila/Philippine
Special design combined with insulation & 100% fire protection 

St Lucia - Rebuild / Charity Project after Hurricane Thomas 

Belo Horizonte Cultural & Philharmonic Hall, the largest ever built in Latin America - H&B  Interior  Q&Q Wall system

Finished - Cultural and Philharmonic Hall, Belo Horizonte
Insulation & 100% fire protection combined in one 

Woman in Constrution-Bangkok Social House Pilot Project - Finished in 18 working days!

New Zealand - 4 hrs. Fire-Proof Test - Passed & Certified without damage or bending of the lightweight steel frame

Tiny House Pilot Concept_Spray application

Satellite Pre-Cast - Proof-of-Concept - 6x3 meter Wall - unmolding after 6 hrs!

Satellite Pre-Cast - Proof-of-Concept - 6x3 meter Wall for Tiny House Concept

Ready to transport & install

Tiny House Pre-Cast Project

House extension Project


Effortless and simple production & installation. You’ll be amazed at the added comfort when the winter chills hit, or when the summer sun is beating down on your house – plus you’ll save money all year on your heating and cooling bills up to 18%.

Long-term tests have shown up to 15 C temperature difference between inside & outside wall.

We’re are like-minded people, using passion and skills to try as hard as we can to make as much difference we can to assist our PLANET to recover!